Betasan™ 700ml liquid sanitiser sachet picture

Betasan™ 700ml Liquid Sanitiser Sachet

R 75.35

Betasan™ Alcohol-Based Liquid Sanitiser, with over 70% isopropyl alcohol, is formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E moisturisers, leaving your hands fresh & sanitised. This liquid sanitiser will rapidly and effectively sanitise your hands without causing dryness.

Harmful bacteria are removed from your hands whilst maintaining your skin’s natural pH balance. Mild and gentle on your skin, this sanitising liquid is ideal for frequent use and suitable for sensitive skin types. It is fast drying and kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria while still leaving a 4-hour protective barrier.

This sachet of Hand Sanitiser is designed to be dispensed by the Betasan™ Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitiser Sachet Dispenser (Sensor) or Betasan™ Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitiser Sachet Dispenser (Manual) and provides 1400 applications per sachet.

Refills available in Alcohol Liquid and Gel and Alcohol Free Liquid Spray

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