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Betasan™ Non-Woven Wipes picture
Betasan™ Non-Woven Wipes picture

Betasan™ Non-Woven Wipes

R 50 - R 200
Non-Woven Wipes Pack Sizes

The betasan™ Non-Woven wipe comes in a variety of colours to suite your HACCP requirements.  The wet strength and durability allow for the perfect equilibrium between cost efficiency and the freedom to replace it without feeling like you are wasting money, leaving you and your customer with peace of mind.

the lint free wipe allows for all types of surfaces to be 100% clean and dust/particle free from a regular office desk to laboratory equipment.

The blend of materials renders the wipe 100% bio degradable.

Size:  40gsm x 30 x 60cm


  • Industrial, health and beauty
  • Single use
  • Car Industry
  • Medical and health care


  • Strength and absorption
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-irritating
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